Saturday, October 15, 2016

Upper Anteloper Canyon

This is the mother lode of all slot canyons.  Photographs from this canyon have run into the millions.  Ours are not that expensive!!!!

We were about 2 weeks late on the shafts of light which is what this canyon is known for, but it's still a beautiful canyon and it will be another reason to visit it.  We lucked out since no one else signed up for the tour, we got a private tour from George who was willing to make our trip through the canyon very memorable.
Some of the chambers were very dark.  We were almost always at about 50 feet to 80 feet of walls in the canyon. 
 This is called the heart, with the bottom of the hear at right and top at top of photo. 
 When there is a lot of wind above the canyon, it falls down into the canyon  to give beautiful sand waterfalls. 

 Looking up, you can see how tall the canyon walls are.

Here is another view up

These canyons are so beautiful and colorful, you think they are fake, but we took bracketed photos (3 or 5 photos of different exposures, then are combined together to make a beautiful photo).

 When there is light in the photo, it's almost always taken looking up.

 The swirls and erosion art look so fake.  When there are flash floods in the area, the canyons are closed and this canyon will fill with water washing through it. 

This is one of the more famous frames looking like stair steps to heaven. 

Although we didn't get the shafts of light, we felt this was a beautiful canyon and were thrilled to be able to go through and get these gorgeous shots!

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Jonathan Perkins said...

Hey, we made it here too. The guide was awesome, she made sure we were the last group into the canyon song had extra time to view. It was overall crazy busy and when we come back will pick a different time to visit.

All the best,
Jon and Jane
(Manchester, UK)