Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Colors Are Always Beautiful

So Walt has his camera out messing around with it before we take on the slot canyons and this is the result.
This is the view outside our RV every evening when sit down to enjoy the evening.  The water is almost artificially blue and the cliffs are almost artificially red. Coming into Lake Powell at the park entrance can seem like some other-worldly experience because the water is so blue after driving through such arid climate.  

What always amazes me as an artist is the natural occurrence over and over of opposites in the color wheel.  In this case these opposites:
In this case the rusts of the earth and the blue of the sky and the aqua of the lake.  There are several things here that work in favor of this - the deep lake which makes it extra blue, and the red earth which makes for a super contrast showing off the blue even more and the blue showing off the red even more.  

In the days to come, we visit a double whammy of photographers dreams so I'm sure we will have plenty to post tomorrow!!!

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