Thursday, October 6, 2016

On The Road Again

It's been too long and after a few mishaps and minor glitches we have the old lady (and that does not refer to me thankyouverymuch!) up and running an d we're off with a bang to Page AZ. Page AZ you say?...what's there?  Well it's practically the slot canyon capital of the world. And what are slot canyons?  They are these cool canyons that have been carved out of stone by years of erosion by water and usually but not always in beautiful sandstone colors.

 Traveling out I40 is really amazing as the terrain.  Each state seems to have it's own contour....out in western Oklahoma - it's really really flat.

Which makes for these kind of skyscrapers!

 And the minute we hit the TX/NM border the mesas start to appear.

And the out of NM into AZ the sky seems to get bluer and the earth turns amazing colors.

This is the beginning of the Grand Staircase which shows the 6 steps of the staircase - from top to bottom: Pink Cliffs (Bryce NP), Grey Cliffs, White Cliffs, Vermilion Cliffs (Kanab, UT), Chocolate Cliffs and the Grand Canyon.
You can not tour this part of the world and not get interested in geology.

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