Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lower Antelope Canyon

This is the lessor known, and probably lessor visited of the Antelope Canyons, but I highly recommend this canyon (as well as the upper location).  They are two entirely different canyons.  The lower Antelope Canyon is a classic example of a beautiful slot canyon.  It's easy to traverse (with install steps to get up and down and gets to a very deep part of the canyon. 

It's two most known photos are the eagle:

And the maiden:
This is the way my hair looks every morning!!!

The canyon is filled with beautiful shots one after the other.  Walt did HDR (high dynamic range) photos which take a while to process, but here are some of the rest of mine from this beautiful canyon

Unbelievable aren't they.  And remember this is the lessor know Canyon. 

The canyon is on Navajo Native American Tribe land, and you will need a permit from the Navajos, as well as a guide.  You can do the standard tour for penance or the photo tour for a very reasonable price.  For the photo tour you will need a DSLR or SLR and a tripod to get some of the great settings for the light.  Armando our guide (he's a really sharp dresser)....

 knew how to work everyone's camera and even knew some settings on mine that I didn't know it could do.  Pretty impressive.  It doesn't take anytime at all to get a reservation online or by phone (check out the link to get the phone information). 

The next slot canyon on our three-day slot-canyon extravaganza is even lesser know Water Holes.

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