Friday, November 21, 2014

A quick trip

From about October to the end of the year, any traveling around in the state is fun and usually colorful if not filled with migrating birds, animals getting ready for winter (either rutting or feeding) and trees in colorful display.

Even this far into fall there are beautiful landscapes to be had:

The Southern Plains in the fall plants a crop of winter wheat which this time of year is usually a green velvet fuzz on the ground.

Traveling down the road, it's impossible to miss the contrast between the green velvet fuzz and the harvested corn, sorghum crops fields.  The light yellow in contrast with the deep green makes a gorgeous contrast.

And there's nothing prettier than the frost on the crop early late fall/early winter morning.  This provides not only a second crop for the farmers but also cattle can be run on these fields which goes a long way toward sustaining a winter herd of stock. 

But that's not the only thing out in the fields.  After a crop is harvested, there are the inevitable grain left on the field.  There is no way to  gather all the grain, and certain animals know that and are there to aid in the gathering of that grain.
In the morning sun, the beautiful colors of pheasants are gorgeous, as they are roosting in a tree next to a recently harvest field.

They are naturally skittish and as I walked closer and closer, they all began to fly away.
They are just as beautiful in flight as they are in the sun!   We continued to see a lot of them in the field, but never as beautifully displayed as here.