Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Colorado River

This river sure makes it's mark in this part of the world - most noticeably the Grand Canyon.  But the Green River and Colorado cut through Utah in Canyonlands NP that make for beautiful scenery, even outside the parks.

Outside Arches the river carves through beautiful canyons.

On the other side of the river (not the Arches side) is the Beaurou of Land Management (we like to call it BLAM), and they have copious campgrounds on the river that are mostly full.  It's a beautiful time as the cottonwoods that populate the river are turning and back lit against the canyons is gorgeous.

A view down the river....makes me want to call it the mighty Colorado (not Mississippi - no discrimination)

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Claire Kennedy said...

After visiting this area, I binged "Westworld" the other night and lo and behold here's all the places we visited. This was one of our favorites - the Colorado River that bordered the east side of Arches National Park.