Monday, May 29, 2017

The Yellowstone Bridge

Crossing into the Northern Tier we cross several fun bridges.  What's most fun is that we humans live under the major delusion that the bridges, built by humans are for humans.....oh no!  They are actually for the animals - specifically the bears and the bison!  But we humans live in this folly that we can use the bridges every once in a while.

These first two are Walt's and you can see the beautiful job he does taking a photograph.  They almost come alive.  The water is up this year because of the heavy snow and snow melt is making all the rivers full and raging!  The white water raft business is booming!

 These are my shots, and not nearly as crisp as Walt's but another view of the bridge on either side.

And continuing with our water theme on this blog....this is Beartooth Lake one year when we were here a little later.  It really is beautiful.
On our trip, yesterday - here's Beartooth Lake and it was as cold as it looks!!!

As a final video, buckle your seat belts and get out the barf's a quick trip to the top of Beartooth the day after opening day!

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