Monday, May 22, 2017

Round About Way of Getting Places

Sometimes things don't work your way and you just have to go with the flow.  There's some construction in the park, and I decided that we could.  Unfortunately, the construction was not friendly to us.  We had to go all the way around the park to get to Hayden Valley.
That little tiny blotch that is not traveled of the "figure 8 of Yellowstone" has road construction on it, and of course, that would have been the easy and fastest way, but we had to go all the way to the south to get to our destination.

Now I know that Hayden isn't as prolific as the Lamar Valley and when we're around the Lamar for so long, we get really spoiled.  We begin to think that all national parks have this many animals and that every place in Yellowstone is this populated with animal life.  We get used to seeing so much in the park that we think that this special place in normal.  It takes a trip away from the Lamar Valley for us to realize just how special the Serengeti of North America really is!

But the trip wasn't all in vain.  Yellowstone Lake is still partially frozen and the Absaroka Range that borders the eastern part of Yellowstone Lake is beautiful in the reflection.  This is a large photo (or was uploaded as such) and so when you click on it, it should be really large.

Before we left Lamar there was a group of playful young rams on the cliffs next to the confluence of the Soda Butte Creek and the Lamar River.  They are truly agile and patrician animals - course I guess if you were on top all the time you'd be looking down too!

Here's a great video of Walts of the rams.....

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