Friday, May 19, 2017

Fun Day With A Very Cute Ending!

Another great day in the park Northern Tier.  This is a quick post cause there's so much so mostly pictures tonite of today's foray into the park.  I may have failed to mention this but you can click these photos to see larger versions.  The HD versions will be posted later as the internet access we have her is basic at best and large HD versions and I would be up all night loading these suckers on our site!!!

Starting with the waterfowl....the sandhills are a great find in the park, but one was sitting on a nest

This is one we haven't seen before - a Northern Pintail.
A favorite of ours - well mine - because I like this color:  Cinnamon Teal

A face only a mother could love, but this is one of the prettiest mooses (meeses?) we've ever seen
 See what I mean - I mean honestly is this not some sort of mistake!!!  Apparently not!

And this is not even the cute section....but a coyote yipping in Lamar Valley  - sorry we didn't have an audio on this. 

And again as we were leaving the park....a mama with her mouth full of greenery (does she need a toothpick or what?)!

And now (drum roll maestro) the cute department and no caption cause it will take away from the awwwwwwww background noise!!!

These were the darling little black bear cubs from the mama above.  They are brand new and still suckling and so precious that we couldn't pass this photo moment up!

More tomorrow!!!

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