Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Closer to Beautiful Scenery, the Worse The Signal

This always happens on our trips, when we first start out I can post like crazy, but getting closer to the beautiful landscape and our destination, and the signal is either non or one bar - sorta in and out, and then my iPhone gets tired of trying and says: "Na, na, na, try again!!!"  It wins and I have to wait till I'm on wi-fi again.  But that doesn't meant the photography stops. 

We stayed in a simple place, but one of our favs, Rawlins, WY in southern Wy which we seem to be able to make in one day.  After a hard day of driving, we only do bare minimum to set up, but came filled with water so were both looking forward to a hot relaxing shower....or so we thought.

Now from an artistic point of view this really has great composition and colors and is very interesting.  From the view of someone wanting to take a hot shower, this is bad news...a broken (or rotted or corroded or otherwise non-operational) heating element.  So no hot shower till we get that replaced.  Since the next day is a light travel day, we can trek into Rawlins, which is probably the last spot having good services like Walmart, Ace Hardware and other wonderful places that RV-er's like to use, we will be in till we wander out of Yellowstone to find some needed part in the future (which always occurs when you're RV'in)!

Seeing Pronghorn (or antelope) always says we are close to some wonderful landscape. I marvel at these animals cause they are the last of their family and are old to North America.  Not the best pic, but at 70 MPH not bad!

And then seeing mountains in the distance is always fun for a flat-lander like me!

 But the Tetons are the best - even through a feelthy, buggy windshield!  We were early so decided to stop off at Colter Bay in Grand Tetons as I've always wanted to try this spot.  For a National Park, and considering a famous well-know national park this RV full-hookups doesn't disappoint, as most of the time National Park RV Parks are very cramped and most of the time they don't exist.  The rustling pines were a delightful relaxation sound and we both slept really well.

Goodbye to Tetons and off to Yellowstone.
 The south gate is just opened and normally I'm rather blase about it as it seems a late opening, but this year, there was tons of snow and we've never seen so much on the south road to Old Faithful before.

This really looks like the first day of opening for the Beartooth Highway.
And passing over the Continental Divide is the fun.  The confusing part about YNP is that the south is far colder than the northern border.  The south is higher and the north is lower, which makes things very confusing, but Lamar Valley notoriously is warmer than Hayden Valley.  The caldera of the old volcano of YNP is higher and that makes for the difference in snow and temperatures.

This year we noticed that even in Mammoth Hot Springs, that there was a little snow remaining.  All the rivers and streams are full and some overflowing, which will make animal hunting interesting in the next weeks. 

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