Saturday, May 20, 2017


You may have noticed the blogs are getting shorter.  We're taking more and more pictures with less time to process them all - that means going through and finding the really good ones.  I like to write at least a little something each night to keep up to date with what we're doing and so we can keep it all straight when we get back home.  Being as old as we are, we aren't afraid of trekking around, but we do forget what day what happened without some sort of daily log.  

Just because we do a lot of animals doesn't mean we shy away from the birds....there are also a ton here.  From birds of prey to nesting birds to beautiful songbirds.  Here's a video of Walt's selection of birds.

 This may not be the most exciting bird video, but Walt loves the way his camera does video.  The noise at the first is not static, it is the rush of the Lamar River through the Lamar Canyon where the Osprey have their nest.  They fish in the river, and they are very good, and feed their young.  Pretty smart to set up housekeeping right next to the grocery store!

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