Friday, July 27, 2012

Another test run for the new RV

We are on another "test" run to make sure everything is working in the new RV.  This means that yes, there are no problems but we're having so much fun that we decided to take it out again for a short trip to another one of Oklahoma's beautiful state parks.  This time it's Greenleaf Lake State Park.

The other reason we decided on Greenleaf Lake was the fishing.  I have never done any fly fishing and always thought it was such a beautiful art form, and now that I've done a little, still think it's a beautiful art form, however it may not be the most effective nor efficient way to catch a fish.  But who cares.  It's all about beauty here and the natural beauty.

So the first the we do is set up our home away from home and trek out to take a whack at this fly fishing stuff.  Walt has purchased all the appropriate paraphernalia that is needed to at least look professional, and is hopefully going to instruct me on how to act like a professional fly fisherwoman, even if I don't catch anything.

And of course he's the first one to snag something.  It's the incredibly illusive and rare breed - moss!!!

But not to despair.  Walt has brought along all sorts of different lures and snares to catch fish, as well as changing location.  And I must say I was totally charmed with the next location and felt just like I was right out of A River Runs Through It.
Can you believe this is in Oklahoma?  It's a resort about 7 miles from the Tenkiller Dam. It is a beautiful quiet place and even with the popularity of the resort, this place was gorgeous and beautiful.

But alas, we caught nothing - we looked great.  I think I'm beginning to understand this fly look good, but don't catch anything!

So back to our mainstay:

But as the fishing isn't that good (it's so hot, we figure the fish are all at the bottom of the lake trying to survive the heat), we decide to do some photography - after all this is a beautiful part of the state with extensive woodland areas.  So here are some birds, bugs and snakes - yes snakes (fortunately at a nice distance!)

At our park one of the hosts (not sure they're hosts, but they act like it) are feeding the birds (which also not sure is a good deal), but it did draw in the birds, deer and other animals.  Here's a black-crested titmouse at a feeder the other side of where we are camped.

Nuthatches are common feeder birds, but these were positively tame. 

Not so common at a feeder is a Red-bellied Woodpecker.  This is a little female, primping for her close-up so who are we to deny her.

A nice swallowtail butterfly.  Amazingly enough there were a plethora of butterflies and hummingbirds, but we couldn't see any colorful flowers.

And as we learned in Red Rock a couple of weeks ago, there is a difference between damselflies and dragonflies - here's the dragonfly version.

And finally we close with a common creature around the swampy, shore areas of OK...a water moccasin.  Fortunately we were about 50 yards away in a very dry spot.

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