Tuesday, July 17, 2012

People have asked about our new RV.  It doesn't have a cute name like Casita or a great forum or club on Facebook, but we do like it. 

That said, I adored our Casita, possible made even dearer to me because Walt and I made so many memories in it, and also because I felt it was relateable in that I could do everything to set it up and take it down and move on down the road.  But it was small, and for Walt it was more than small it was cramping.  And that's no fun when your partner isn't having fun.

So while we were in Yellowstone this past spring, Walt and I trekked to Billings to look at some Arctic Fox models that we had heard were really well built - built for northern climates.  While there we ran across a fellow in a gas station who had one and asked him if he liked it and he sold them in Casper.  So on the way back we dropped by Casper.  We unfortunately didn't find one at that dealer, but Walt persuaded me (OK he drug me kicking and fighting the whole way) to another superdealer.  The whole idea reeked of used-car, slippery salesmen, fly-by-night, and I didn't want any part of it. 

Most all the units had the back and front of the walls, with no windows.  I always had visions of being in an RV and looking out over the Grand Canyon or the Pacific Ocean (at Big Sur), and wonderful sites like that and without a great window how in the world were you going to do that?


I saw this one model - I walked in and it was instant love - and this place I was convinced had nothing!!!  Ain't it the way!

As you can see, there are AMPLE windows on the back side....and in case that isn't good enough....
Here we are at Red Rock Canyon last weekend with my two fav guys chillin'!

We love it.  It's 26' long which is a lot longer (almost twice) than the Casita and a foot wider.  It takes a lot more hp to pull it down the road, and it's a big guy's toy. But I do the inside and Walt does the outside and we are off.  The most important thing is that Walt feels like he can actually stand up and move, and he is so much more comfy in it.  So comfy, I might not see him for a while!!! (I still am working so gotta stay home and keep the $$$ flowing in!!!)

Here's a little video I took when we were looking at it up at Casper.  BTW, they don't sell these further east or south than Casper.  They are for cold weather climates, but they are built solid


Isadora Kesten said...

It doesn't matter if your RV's name is cool or not, what matters more is that it gives you your needs. Well, living in an RV gives you the capability to tour around different places in a much lower price than average, except for the fuel costs. Looking at the Grand Canyon or the Pacific Ocean will never be a problem now. Cheers and congrats! :)

[Isadora Kesten]

Rosalinda Rudloff said...

How nice! A cute, little RV! :’) It’s really great having your own RV, right? You can pass through different places and cross state lines whenever you like. Well, my husband and I are planning to buy a bigger RV before the summer so that we can surely have a great time outdoors! :D

Rosalinda Rudloff

Tia Oshields said...

You must be enjoying your new RV a lot! Knowing that you formerly used the Casita and shifted to something that has a lot more space. Well, the Casita is very convenient provided that you only need a truck to move it but if you can afford something that will be more comfortable, why not, right?

Tia Oshields