Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday, June 3rd in Yellowstone

Sunrise at Yellowstone River RV Park.Sun on Schlough CreekBullalo head.

Ok, before this goes any further you need to know that this is Walt doing this and the last few blogs here. Don't want Claire to get all the credit.

We were tired after the long safari to Old Faithful on Sunday, so we didn't get up to early this morning. As we left the Yellowstone RV Park we looked back and found this great shot as the sun was just coming up over the park.

We made our usual run through the Lamar Valley and made our normal stops. We had some great sun early in the morning, but as normal it soon relented to the clouds and actually were in rain, sleet and a little snow.

I love the Slough Creek area and have been wanting to catch the early morning sun on the creek. This is the 2nd shot. Pretty good for someone who doesn't like to do landscapes.

After Slough Creek we headed out towards the NE Entrance and Silver Gate. On the way we ran into a huge cinnamon black bear. There are quite a few of these bears in the park. We did our best to get some shots, but he was just buried to deep in the brush to get a shot worth posting etc.

While at Silver Gate, we had a brunch at the old Log Cabin Cafe ... you ought to try it someday .........

On the way back we ran into some wolves close to hitching post and then past the Lamar River Bridge at Slough Creek we ran into the black wolf that we posted pictures of a couple of weeks ago.

We wound up tracking this wolf for quite a few miles until we lost him along the Yellowstone River just past the Yellowstone Picnic area.

My son has been wanting a photo hanging on his wall of a buffalo head. So, I have been trying to get the right one. This one isn't exactly what I am looking for, but it might work.

We actually saw quite a lot of interesting sights today, just not a lot of photos. Some days it is like that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these three photos.


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