Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Day in Paradise


Another Day in Paradise, a set on Flickr.

Part of what makes moms and babies so cute is the interplay between them. This sow and cub seemed to be the most playful and most happy - who knows, but certainly most playful. That is as much due to "Junior's" energy level, as the sow willing to play along with Junior......to a point.

What's a mom to do when Junior is SO active that she is just plain ole wore out?.....well, only one thing to do: send him up a tree so she can get some rest.

After spending 3 hours with this delightful pair, we journeyed on down the road to Twin Lakes - South Twin Lakes to be specific, and there on the water just as beautiful as a "Swan Lake" ballet, was a gorgeous trumpeter swan.

She was digging in the bottom of the lake for greenery, so her head was a little on the dirty-colored side, but we didn't care, as she was gorgeous and we got some great shots, including shedding water after a good dunk!

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