Friday, June 2, 2017

Quoth the Raven "Nevermore!"

....unless of course that is until it's time for feeding the kids and then getting more food and then posing for the tourists, and this flying around looking cool and then...oh yeah....feeding the kids.....and......

So we're up on Rustic Falls doing the waterfall thing when both of us keep hearing squawks coming from the canyon below.  We look all around, it's quiet, then more squawking.  Finally one of those Yellowstone Forever trucks comes up and they pile out and the first thing the leader points to is the waterfalls and then ravens' nest across the canyon.  Well, there it was all along, and there were babies squawking like crazy looking for Mom and Dad....oh sorry.....I meant looking for food!

So this is a brazen little bird - has no probs coming and posing for the tourists, and of course Walt with his gazillion mm lens draws all sorts of attention.  If he's out there taking pictures, it's almost an immediate jam - what's up?...what's that professional taking pictures of?...and the Yellowstone Forever bus has stopped?....must be a bear jam!!!!

As you can clearly see here, Baby Huey is about ready (read:  past due) to leave the nest.

 To make matters worse, Baby Huey switches places in the nest so the parents think they are feeding a different chick or ravenette or whatever you call baby ravens.

 And once again, B. Huey is at it again.  No wonder he's so large!

 So Dad is a ham deluxe.  Probably comes from the tourist gawking while the chicks are squawking.

 I can hear him right now.....Nevermooooooooore!

And it is getting warm, but posing for Walt, he couldn't resist.

Ever the contrarian, I'm looking the other direction, when a storm is blowing in and the shadows are too much for an old art hound like me.  This IS going to be a painting - not sure when, but I have it all figured out in my mind.....all I need now is an afternoon to do this!

And finally, of course, there's a video....with a littel Christopher Lee.  Guess who's going to be the October page for next year's calendar!!!

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