Friday, June 9, 2017

Petroglyphs and Mountains

That's what the San Rafael is all about.  Every day we passed through and around the reef, canyon, valley and the effects of the San Rafael Anticline.  And everytime I see it I thought, what did the early settlers think?....what did the early explorers think? were they going to get past this?...what was this?...were they meant to get past it?   I think of the courage, determination and perserverance of those early settlers.

This shows the uplift and how it really looks.  As an early settler with a string of wagons, how in the world would a person every traverse this?  It looks insurmountable.

Petroglyphs are the other feature of this area.  It's easy to understand as the area can be so mysterious, no wonder former civilizations and people would think of post thier signs or their words so no one cold forget them.  You can click this photo to see it larger. 

Sometimes it gets a little boring to post what seems like the same photos over and over, but it really is a magical and mysterious part of the country.  And if you love geology, it's a great place to visit.

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