Friday, May 17, 2013


They say (the infamous they you know!!!) that the reasons Yellowstone is so terrific is the amount of water that comes in and out of the park.  Without it, it would just be another piece of dried parched earth.

So spring brings snow melt and lots of creeks and run-offs turn into rivers and sloughs with the inevitable wildlife surrounding it getting their fair share of the benefits.

One of those are the Yellowstone raptors who fish the rivers better than any professional fisherman (course they also get to keep their catch and eat it too).

So it's always fun when we're set up close to a river and see this fly overhead:
He was just perusing the river when we noticed him flying toward us.  Fortunately Walt had his camera all set and another great shot from him.  This fellow looks like he might be just entering maturity - maybe about 3 y/o-ish, marked by the spotty white in the under belly and the dark spots on his white head.  But definitely an American Eagle.

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