Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun to be bored in Yellowstone

We're waiting for the holiday weekend crowds to thin out, so we're sitting around resting and Walt gets bored, particularly now that he has a new toy.

A lovely smiling doe!  Course life is pretty nice on the lawn at Mammoth Hot Springs

And a chilling young buck on the lawn.

 A lovely Western Wood-Pewee.

A great close-up of the normally skittish

And a great shot of the very far away golden eagles near Slough Creek.  Most of the crowd there (looking at two dots on a far away hill who were bears) didn't even know they couple was nesting down the road, but I'm sure if they did the couple are nervous wrecks by now!

It's at times like these with the crowd there, I appreciate the rangers.  They do the best they can to help keep the animals from having a nervous breakdown who are just trying to raise their little offspring. 

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