Monday, August 27, 2012

New Camera

....and with a new camera comes practice.  This camera is so far and above anything I can even imagine.  Walt's been reading directions for 3 days.  I  got glassy-eyed the first day and gave up!!!!

But what it does - oh my!!!!
 A wonderful house finch was buzzing about at the zoo, and why not - it's a perfect place for all animals!

 These are such totally strange creature, you can't help but want to photograph them.

 And these are adorable creatures (one of the staff went by and suggested we rustle paper, that brings them to the front).  And with a smile no less!!!

 Red Pandas are adorable too and such beautiful colors (captured gorgeously by the camera).
 A swift fox (I thought all foxes were pretty swift and pretty neat!)

 Kildeer (or road runner) - look at that detail!

 I just had to crop this one to show the detail of the following picture - absolutely gorgeous detail captured by this new camera
In full portrait mode, tigers must love to have their "close up" (but not too close!)

 Obviously when it's warm, the best thing to do is nap it off!

 His cousin (they must have been out late)

And finally a little piece of our beautiful downtown - the new Devon Building (which is absolutely gorgeous.

As you can tell Walt is doing great with the new Canon 1Dx and I adore the pictures (don't ask me to say anything about how it works - I have NO IDEA!!!)

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