Monday, September 29, 2014

Celebrating Birthday

Well, this was a fine birthday for me - started with a nice sleep in and then a ride into town to get a few essentials at the grocery store, but what should appear outside, but a guy roasting chilies!!!  Way too cool, as I had been told that chili season was over.  So went inside to pester the employees and they were all very helpful and nice and walked out with 8 bags of hot freshly roasted is chili hoarding season!!!

This is the view out our rear window every day - I know it's a tough job...yada, yada, yada!  The trees at the top of the mountains are just changing (aspens) and they are going to be glorious while we're here.

Here's another shot close up - they turn yellow gold then red!

Another view with the chamisa in the foreground - this is a painting begging to be done!

It's like the chamisa is color-coordinated with the aspens in the mountains - and of course the opposite of gold and orange!

Just before sunset we trekked over to the Rio Grand Gorge bridge and Siggy came along for a's a man and his dog!

And sunset on the gorge bridge didn't disappoint (I'm feeling another painting!)

This is a wider view - the colors just keep getting richer and deeper the further the sun goes down.

From the other side of the sky - I promise these colors aren't fake.

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Greg Kearney Kearney said...

Great photos. Enjoy those Chilies and glad you had a maaavelous day!