Thursday, March 27, 2014

Big Bend, Rio Grand Village, Chisos Basin

These are two hot areas in Big Bend, and both have completely different ecosystems.

Chisos Basin is a high flat area (flat is relative here), in a rise above the Chihuahuan Desert.  So it's dry, bu then it's high, so has a little different plant life than you would normally find.  As a matter of fact, some you don't find anywhere else except in the Chisos Basin.

The main hike is the Window which is really rather unusual, as you are surrounded by high peaks, except for a certain part - a Window into the world outside.  I sorta felt like I was in Shangra La, but didn't have to go through a blizzard to get there!

So imagine mountains all around except for this little "Window" and you have a good picture of the Chisos Basin and the charm of the area.

Well that and there was a mountain lion  the night before right behind the basin store....rats, why weren't we there last night!!!

Further down the road is the Rio Grande Village close to - yep, you guessed it - - the Rio Grande.

BTW, there's a $5,000 fine if you cross the river. I have no intentions of doing anything like that cause my little dog, Siggy, doesn't have papers!!!

But because we're close to the water....and trees - apparently there was a ranch here early on where they dug ditches to flood irrigate the area - there are birds and I mean lots of 'em.


Yep - my first Vermillion Flycatcher.....and what does he do?

 Right before our eyes he swoops down and catches a little brunch snack and looks at us....."Can you do this?!" 
 On the ground is something I wouldn't think I would see here - a flicker.

In the tree above was another.  Lots of cottonwoods in the area as you are so close to the river that provides the moisture needed to sustain this wooded area. 

 Indigenous to this area is the Cactus Wren.

Also are these beautiful sparrows - White-crowned Sparrow.   This bird has a beautiful song too.

Big Bend has some very unusual climates - desert, mountains and riparian - all different and unusual - very interesting to visit.

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