Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oklahoma Autumnal Tour - Part 3

Beavers Bend State Park

November 11

I've heard of this place (and the Talimena Trail) ever since I was a small tyke, and the ladies making oooo's and aaaaah's over the beautiful fall colors on the Trail and in the Park.  My whole memory of this state park was of patrician elderly women sitting discussing the colors and how magnificent they were/are.  So I expected to see great color.  The other reason to visit, is that for years, I've heard how wonderful the park is - one of the state's jewels in the crown of state parks, so an autumnal tour to me wouldn't be complete without a visit here, and since we started in the upper northwest of the state, it seemed logical to end in the lower southeast, and I do mean the very tip of the lower southeast part of the state. 

The drive in was through part of the Talimena Trail.

OMG - I couldn't believe we are driving through, I'm just elated that I haven't missed the color.  There's been so much beautiful color throughout the state, that I was hoping we hadn't missed it.  Of course this was a gorgeous sunny day and the color didn't disappoint.
 But I'll be honest, as we arrived, I had no idea was what ahead of me.  The country here is so different from other parts of the state, it's hard to believe we are actually in the state, and yet we are.

 The other surprise we had as we entered the state park, was crossing one of the many bridges we notice some water fowl and came back after we set up the trailer, and here were some wonderful hooded mergansers.  I've loved these ducks ever since we discovered them in Yellowstone, and they are on the river constantly.  
 Lady Hooded Mergansers aren't as pretty in colors, but these two babes are not quite sure what to make of Walt.  Apparently he has the mergansers mesmerized!
 Even just driving around here is enough to bring out the color in nature.  This area is really beautiful.

 Having a professional agronomist around is very handy, because after some extensive professional investigation and research, we have discovered the main culprit for all this color.....and here it is documented so that you can easily see.  Not only are the leaves participating in this blazing scandalous show of color, but so are the bugs, as noted by the snail trails on the leaves!!!

Back to some wildlife.....on our trip up to the Talimena Trail, what should we discover but a full grown, mature Bald Eagle on the side of the road, overlooking the lake just on the other side of the road.
 They are naturally very suspicious and he is just on the border of being too far away, but you can still see that wonderful patrician look - "I'm much better than you and don't you forget it!"  And to prove it, he immediately flew off about the time we were to get a little closer!

 Equally as elusive are the Blue Herons, but this one stood still beautifully for us in the sun so we could catch his beautiful plumage.

 These are photos around our campground (Fern) which we loved.  It's like having a whole acre to yourself - well almost - you could fit 2 RV's on either side of us.  The downside is that these sites are difficult to get into because of the culvert on the other side of the access road to the campground, which means lots and lots of back and forth to get the angle just right.  So it takes a while, it's worth it for us.  The other hook-up campgrounds (there are none with sewer), are flatter and more modern (a cement slab) but are closer together.  But for our money, we loved having all the room and the view was unparalleled.

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