Monday, September 24, 2012

Calf Creek Falls Trail

I don't know what I was thinking.  But had heard about this hike and heard that it wasn't too taxing - moderate.  I do 4 mile hikes easy so a 2.7 hike to and 2.7 back didn't seem like much - although I knew there would be some climbing.

Everything started out really well.
 This is actually the view of Calf Creek Falls, as you enter the park and trailhead area.

But we passed some pretty desolate landscape to get to Calf Creek.  No one could grow anything here and yet there were cattle guards about every 5 miles or so.

When we first entered the hike we spotted a hawk checking over his side at the airplane!!!

There are always interesting rocks and formations and erosion in this area.  Here's an arch sort of erosion.  

There are also the most remarkable faces on these rocks.

Another beautiful wall.

And here this lizard just seemed to pose for Walt and his camera.

 Some grafitti left by folks here before (Walt and I speculate that this is ancient Femont type grafitti for "John loves Marry"!!!!!)

 All of this culminated in the final reward - this wonder falls and it was wonderful - it was cool - and it was beautiful.  What made it even more fun, was to realize that on the way out back to the trail head, that my struggle to get to the falls was because we were on a slow incline, and the whole trail back was a slow decline - thank heavens, my thighs were twitching when I got home that night, but made up for it by eating half a cartoon of ice cream!!!!

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